The Haunted Meringues

Chefs: Vittorio and Edoardo Lancieri
Photos: Marina Zuccarelli

Written by Vittorio Lancieri




210 gr. egg whites (the whites of 3 eggs, more or less)

400 gr. sugar (a little bit less than the double weight of the egg whites you want to use)

To do crispy ghosty meringues, you have to beat the egg whites with the sugar,  until they become very hard such as snow in winter. If you are enough strong, do it manually but it’s better to use a robot as I do. You cover the oven plate with bake paper. Then you do small balls with the cream and you put them on the plate.
Turn on the oven at the temperature 50 ˚C and leave the meringue in the oven for 6 hours.

Eat responsibly.