6 Top Fruit for Lunch Box

We all want our children to eat healthy fresh fruits as snack instead of those industrial sweets, so rich in palm oil. That’s why we would do any effort to convince them that fruit can be a cool and tasty.
After a long time researching and analyzing feedback and after various failures on the field, I realized which fruits guarantee 100% success.



Strawberries are the coolest fruit ever. Although it has been reported that the Australian November’s strawberries can be sour sometime. After all, if they are too ripe, they are sweet but messy. What a dilemma!

Some people say that it is better to keep the leaves on. Just make sure that your child is trained to remove them.


Those are the trendy ones. The most requested ones. They are, together with the strawberries, a luxury items here in Singapore. Kind of a status symbol fruit.

So easy and practical. One of the most popular among the older children. Although you have to pay attention as for the very young there is the risk of choking.

Needless to say, we are talking about the seedless ones!

They are very popular in Asia, especially during the chinese new year period. But those in the lunch box are not the common one. As for the grapes you have forcedly to be seedless and then, to make the whole experience worthy, please choose the easy peeler ones. You don’t want your children to be exhausted after peeling a mandarin!

Apples are the big classic. Everyone always loved them.  Snow White knows a thing about them!  Success is guaranteed. If you peel them, they may look less appealing. I just cut them in wedges but I leave the skin.



Pomegranates are for the more adventurous and open minded,  but if accepted are very appreciated and required . Once shelled , they look like candies.