Kyoho Grapes, the Gan Gnam Style

If grapes can be fancy, these are the ones.

Kioho grape are popular in Japan, China and Korea. I tried the Korean ones: perfectly spheric, with deep purple skin, that looked really cool in the supermarket shelves even though packed in a triple layered wrapping.


Being definitely a high end product, they have to be well protected to be delivered in good shape. They are absolutely not cheap, at least in Singapore.

Kioho budo literally means the “Giant mountain grapes”




Kioho Grape belong to the Concord variety of grapes (Vitis Labrusca), which is largely produced in the USA.
In fact, when I tried it, the taste of this grape reminded me soon to the “Uva Fragola”, also called “American grape” , an italian variety of grape, which is used to produce the wine Fragolino.
However, these grapes are much bigger and more suitable for table consuming, than the “Uva Fragola”.
The skin, which is dark purple, can be easily removed and people use to serve the grapes peeled as a dessert.
Sometime  the juice is used to prepare cocktails. The taste is extremely sweet.