Grapes, Bacchus favorite

After few years living in Singapore, you forget about the seasons. The only weather variation is between rain or not rain , air-con or not air-con, nothing changes radically in the climate all the year round.

It may be boring and disorientating, but if your are alert enough, you can spot some clues that make you perceive the seasons’ sequence even at the equator. One of the most seasons’ sensitive place in Singapore are supermarkets. When you see on “offer of the month” grapes and pumpkin and you are submersed by Halloween decorations, you definitely remember that it’s autumn!

We couldn’t help ourselves paying homage to this wonderful period. So we decided to dedicate the post to grapes.

UVA means grapes in Italian. There is no deep intellectual reason why we decided to use the italian word for the picture, a part the fact that it is much shorter.

We selected 3 different varieties of table grapes. The white, the red and the particular kind “Moon drops”.

The three of them came from USA and all of them are absolutely seedless, which seems to be nowadays an essential feature for grapes. No more annoying crunchy bitter seeds in your mouth, that’s an achievement!

The red grapes were fairly good, while the white were really exceptional, sweet and crispy at the same time. However our curiosity was all devoted to the strange shaped “Moon drops”.

This particular variety of grape has been created by a big american table grapes producer, the “Grapery”, after years of experimentation and selective breeding, although they assure non GMO.

The name was already catchy enough to capture our attention but what’s really unusual in this kind of grape, is the shape (look at the A of Uva). It has been spontaneously defined by my children as “sausage grape”. I have to admit that “Moon Drops” is definitely a better choice from the marketing point of view.

The taste is very sweet and delicious, however the dark skin is a little bit hard for me.

One of the most acclaimed benefit of grapes is to be antioxidant , due to the high content of polyphenol, which may also help to prevent cancer. Beside that grapes have an high content of manganese, potassium, vitamin C.

From my point of view, I can say that grapes are very easy to handle, pack and eat and this makes them a convenient food for the lunch box, constant distress for every mum.

Grapes are not so low in calories, though. So pay attention, they say that 100 grams have 67 calories.