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I am 10 years old and I am enjoying tasting new foods since my birth. I love cooking simple recipes and recently I decided to try new tropical fruits and to share my impression about them through this blog. I am Italian but I have been living in Singapore since almost 5 years and there are so many exotic fruit here worth trying. Beside food, I am passionate about snakes, riding my bike and sailing. I am one of the writers of the blog.







I am 7 years old and I kind of like trying tropical fruits, at least some of them. Although my favourite fruit is always the apple.

I like very much reading and writing. I am one of the researcher for this blog









I am 7 years old and I like very much going to the market to purchase fruits and other supplies for this blog. I am also the assistant to the photographer. In the free time I like climbing.









I am the photographer, the editor and one of the writers of the blog. I don’t love cooking and I am not particularly keen on trying new fruits, but I have children who do.
I am Italian, so please forgive my english.
My favourite foods are:
1) Cheese Focaccia (Focaccia al formaggio)
2) Focaccia
3) Cheese.
Living in Singapore I forcedly eat other things, though.



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