The Super Fruits Adventure

Usually at home parents are struggling to convince their kids to try new foods and especially healthy fruits rich of vitamins.

At our place it works the other way round: my children obsessively insisted for months to buy unidentified, exotic and strangely shaped fruits and vegetables they were fascinated  by and that I didn’t even considered, as I am shamelessly used to do my grocery online.

I cleverly ignored their request until the moment they managed to drag me to a local market in Singapore. Once there, a new world opened to their eyes.

Despite my resistance, this nice experience became a habit and they are now tasting and reviewing new fruits and food regularly.

Beside this amazing curiosity for new fruits and other food, the kids are also interested in cooking, which, as you can imagine, is not my first  vocation. Since years they enjoy preparing, with a twist, the few recipes, super recipes, that I was able to teach them and that we are glad to share.