The Charmed Snake Fruit

by Federico Lancieri

This is the very first exotic fruit we tasted.

It is called also Salak.

It’s skin really looks like snake’s skin when you touch it.
When you open it, it is usually in three parts: two big and one smaller.


Before eating it, you should remove a thin transparent film that covers the white flesh. Inside there are seeds as big as a marble.
The taste is bitter sweet and the texture is dry. Overall it is very good.

I had never seen this fruit in Europe before trying it Indonesia. It grows in all the South East Asian region.

Beside the good taste it has also some good properties.

It is called also the fruit of memory in Indonesia for its high content of potassium and pectin.

  • It is rich in Beta Carotene and Vitamin C so it turns out to be very good for the eyes.
  • It can help to stop diarrhea but it may cause constipation if eaten in big quantities.
  • For the high content of pectin it is also used to do jams and pies.